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10 Tips of How to get rid of Bad Breath?

Imagine you are beside your loved one’s & getting cozy with each other and you expect some emotional words from your partner and all of a sudden he/she says- GO & BRUSH YOUR TEETH. It has happened with me and not just in this case, even when you are in an important official interview or meeting and you are in proximity with your colleague and it really leaves a negative impression and also is very demotivating.

But all these things can never let you down if you take the right steps in the right way. Follow these steps to get rid of bad breath-

  1. Brush Twice a Day- Since our childhood we all know that brush twice daily helps to keep our oral hygiene good, but rarely we follow that. Brushing twice daily especially, at night time helps to reduce the food debris/ leftovers which in turn prohibits bacteria formation.

 These bacteria degrade the leftover food in the mouth and release certain gases which produce Bad Breath. Along with it brushing also helps to eliminate plaque which is the yellow coloured material deposited on the surface of the enamel or more commonly on the tooth surface. Hence, brushing is the key to overcome Bad Breath.

  • Using Dental Floss- Dental floss is a thread like substance that is used to remove any food left in between the teeth. This again helps to eliminate bacterial growth which in turn reduces Bad Breath. Floss at least once a day. Some of my favourite dental floss-  Click here

  • Brushing your tongue daily- Along with brushing your teeth, brushing your tongue is also an important way to overcome Bad Breath, brushing your tongue also helps to remove the white coloured substance deposited on the surface of tongue and hence removes any leftover food which causes foul smell or Bad Breath.

  • Change your toothbrush regularly- People often use a single toothbrush over a very long period of time which just makes the goal of brushing useless as the toothbrush loses its property of cleaning the oral cavity or the mouth. Hence, it causes Bad Breath.

Each toothbrush no matter how good its quality is should used for only 120times i.e. if you brush two times a day then you should replace your toothbrush in every two months.

  • Drink a lot of water- We often take this point very lightly but drinking water is the most important aspect not only for our oral hygiene but also for our body to function properly. Drinking less water will lead to Xerostomia (a condition which is called as Dry Mouth) in this condition the breath becomes foul and offensive. Hence causes Bad Breath. Therefore, drinking plenty of water helps to overcome Bad Breath.
  • Maintain your diet- Anything happening in our body be it Bad Breath or any other problem is largely regulated by our diet. Maintain a proper and healthy diet, reducing the intake of sugars, fat, oil, carbonated drinks, preservated foods help to reduce such problems. Hence, take a healthy diet full of green vegetables, cereals, pulses and fresh fruits.

  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly after having a meal- Rinsing your mouth with water after meals help to remove the immediate smell of the foods like onion, garlic, egg etc. Hence, rinsing your mouth helps to reduce Bad Breath.

  • Use Antiseptic Mouthwash- using of mouthwash could be beneficial if used properly for a certain period of time. Overdoing it will cause its adverse effects, as it is said “less is more” it holds true in this aspect, certain flavoured mouthwashes are full of sugars and flavouring agents which do no good to your oral hygiene instead they just suppress the Bad Breath so our purpose is not solved in this manner.

Hence we should find such mouthwashes that have antiseptic property to it and have minimum flavouring agents and sugars into it. Search for products that contain thymol, eucalyptol, methyl salicylate, and menthol these substance act as an antiseptic agent and help to reduce the bacterial growth in the mouth. Therefore, it helps to overcome Bad Breath.

Some of my favourite antiseptic mouthwashes are-

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  • Take food that gives you Good Breath- Coffee, yogurt, green tea, cheese etc. gives you good breath and hence is a natural home remedy to overcome Bad Breath.
  • Visit a dentist regularly- Visiting a dental surgeon or a dentist is the last but not the least option. Once you try and test all of the above given methods and still you do not get good results then you should know that the time has come to visit a dentist

  •  Scaling is a very common procedure done to remove the yellow coloured substance known as plaque that is deposited on the tooth surface but we all have a negative perception that scaling just weakens out tooth and will lead to the deposition of such substance again and again. But it is a very wrong thinking.

  • Scaling just removes the extra deposition of plaque on the surface of tooth and in no ways removes the enamel or harm the tooth structure and surface. So, do visit a dentist regularly to overcome Bad Breath and other dental problems.


Do try all of the above given tips to get rid Bad Breath at home and share your experiences in the comment section below.

Do you have any suggestions? Comment below & let’s start a conversation. I would love to hear from you all.

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Love you all.

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