We girls always carry a bag with us be it a school bag, handbag or a casual side bag. It’s just not for making a style statement, we carry our little world in it. So that whenever & wherever we need our essentials its always there with us.

Today I am going to share with your MY 5 HANDBAG ESSENTIALS which I carry with me every time, no matter where I go these things are a must for me along with some other stuff that may vary from person to person.

You could carry whatever you want according to your needs but these things should always be there to avoid any unwanted situation not only for you but also for others too.

Let’s get started.


It is a basic thing that girls must carry not only for wearing & being fashionable but a scarf has many other uses too. It could obviously be used to wear & add a kick of style statement to your look. Also scarf comes very handy when it comes to tie your hair, in case you went out with your hair open & forgot to carry a hair tie with you scarf could be used to tie your hair.

It can also be used to cover your hair & protect it from the pollution and sun outside so, you save yourself from many hair related problems with just a simple scarf.

Scarf also plays an important role in certain situations where you or someone else mets with an accident & you need to cover the wound or tie it up to control the blood loss. In that situation, it is a life saviour trust me.

Also if there is excessive sun, then you could just simply cover your face with a scarf & protect yourself from sun tan.


A sanitizer is not just a bottle of chemicals but trust when you are out especially in public transport & places you tend to invite a lot of bacteria & germs. Sanitizer just saves yourself from falling ill. Always use sanitizer when your step out from a public transport coz you don’t know which person is suffering from which disease & hands are the carrier of most of the germs. Also using a sanitizer after going to a public toilet saves you from many germs.

Sanitary Napkins or Tampons-

Sanitary napkins or simply as we call it PAD’s are a must for every girl out there. Coz not matter how far your dates are but you never know when something unwanted happens with you or with someone else. You need to have a pad or tampon handy every time to save yourself from the mess. It’s been a hundreds of time with me that other people ask for it & some days even I require it so I do not have to hunt for it & create a mess for myself. Even I would urge the boys if you guys are reading this post do carry one and if you think feel that someone needs it give it to them with pride & respect, it’s no shame.

Also I would request you guys, that along with pads or tampons do carry a paper bag to dispose it because I have seen this almost every other place people just throw them away without even thinking that it would cause harm & disease to the other person who is using the washroom where you threw it. Also the people or specifically the sweepers, it’s their job to dispose off the garbage but they too are human beings. It’s shameful that in a society people don’t consider this but just think about it this way that if you are doing the same job & such dirty things are lying there & you have it pick it up with your hands to throw them away HOW WOULD YOU FEEL ABOUT IT?

Do keep that in mind.

Deodorizer –

Girls always love to smell good but sometimes we step out of our home in the morning & the whole day we just be there in the sun. No matter how good of a deodorizer or perfume you are using your sweat will overpower it. Always carry a deodorizer with you so, if you need to go somewhere important then just spritz it & you are ready to go without even feeling uncomfortable about the foul smell of your sweat.


Talking about girls & not talking about makeup is just not fair. Where ever you go, just carry a red lipstick (read about of on my present fav red lipstick here) with you that would enhance your look instantly even if you have zero makeup on, red lipstick just turns the game upside down.

Now for those of you who do not wear red lipstick carry a nude coloured one or if you are a student then carry a lip gloss in that case.

It would make you ready for any outing, party, date or meeting.

So these were some of my MUST- HAVE’s in my handbag, do let me know yours in the comment section below.

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Share your experience in the comment sections below & do let me know if you have other queries.

I love to start a conversation with my readers.

Till then stay healthy & stay fit.

Love you all.

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