Staying fit is not a choice but a need of our body, whenever someone thinks of how to stay fit, back in mind they think of rigorous exercise, workout & dieting. Which usually haunts many people because either they cannot put in so much hard work or they don’t have the time to do so. Here are my 5 ways which will make you fit & healthy without actually putting in much efforts and would also not require any extra hard work or time.

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Take stairs instead of elevators

Taking a stair case to climb up or down the floors of a building is actually a very old way to reduce weight & stay fit but as it is said OLD IS GOLD. It holds true here also. It would not cause you any extra efforts & trust me you start doing this from today, you would realise the difference in your body as well as it would also increase your stamina and muscle strength.

Walk and Talk

Usually we spend hours and hours on our cell phones talking to our loved ones, colleagues and anyone in that matter. If you call a person simply try to talk while walking, this is the most effortless way to reduce your weight & stay fit. You will not even feel tired and your job is done.

Do try this method for sure.

Drink room temperature/ lukewarm water

We all love ice cold beverages but they are actually not very beneficial for our body. They harm our body from inside and also are bad for our throat as well, especially if you have heard that singers don’t drink cold water. Try drinking lukewarm water on a daily basis, it would melt away the fat from your body and will also help disease like blood pressure and various heart diseases. Now practically, drinking lukewarm water is not possible every day so what you can do it, drink at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Also when you eat something oily, if in case, then drink warm water after that as it would help to flush away the oil. Drinking room temperature water will actually be a middle path for the ones who cannot drink lukewarm water every time.

Avoid munching unhealthy snacks

Hunger pangs are very frequent especially for me. I usually get hungry after 2-3 hours of taking a meal. Then what I used to do was munch on some fried potato chips, chocolates or anything of that sort because I thought everything that is healthy is not tasty. But then I started to research and found out various recipes of salads and sandwiches which you can easily get on google which are actually very healthy and tasty too. So that was an alternative for me to avoid those unhealthy snacks and that made me stay fit.

Do not over eat

This is actually a very serious problem, we see our favourite dish on the table and eat much more than the desired amount. I would suggest you to eat less than what your capacity is. It doesn’t mean that you have to be hungry and not fulfil your body requirements but its just that if you need 2 chapatti’s then eat quarter to two. It would actually help your metabolism and that food will be digested easily without giving your extra fat. Then after sometime if you are hungry go for some salads like I said in the previous point.

This was my 5 ways to stay fit effortlessly, if you have something more about it . Do share it in the comment section below.

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See you in the next blog till then, stay healthy & stay fit.

Love you all.

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