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Skincare is the most important aspect to make our skin look healthy & good apart from ingesting healthy food. Most of us do not follow a particular skincare routine as we find them really impractical, time consuming & hectic.

It seems legit, because I have also seen many people sharing their skincare routine which is actually really impractical for normal people including me. I am a normal college going student & especially in the morning I don’t get time to follow all those fancy routines as claimed by many people. I generally get very less time to get ready in the morning which includes all of my rituals from taking a shower to getting ready having breakfast and heading out to my college. So there is hardly any time left to follow such complicated routines. And I am very sure that this is the case with every other girl out there, reading this post.

Today I am going to share with you my very practical, simple and quick skincare routine which will not only help you to make your skin healthy but also will reduce problems such as open & large pores, blackheads & sun tan.

So let’s started.

You all must have heard about CTM routine. It is actually nothing but Cleansing, Toning & Moisturising. We all obviously will clean our face but many of us skip the next two steps. Earlier I also used to think that toning is just an extra step that is hyped by bloggers all over the world until and unless I started using a toner. And trust me you guys, since I have started using toner my life has changed a lot. Now I don’t have a lot of issues with my pores, blackheads & toner also removes the dirt from my face which my facewash alone was not able to do so. So let’s get into the detail of all these steps. How I do them? And what extra I do along with CTM?

a) Cleansing- every day when I wake up in the morning, I wash my face thoroughly with a good quality facewash. I generally prefer face washes that are not over drying as I am a dry skin type. So use a face wash that suits your skin type and wash your face with it not more than two times a day.

Some people think that using facewash 3-4 times a day will make their skin really good but it’s not true just use it twice not more than that. Some of my favourite facewashes – plum face wash , WOW Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Face Wash with Built-In Brush – No Parabens, Sulphate and Silicones .

b) Toning- now people often just skin this step as I have told earlier in this post. But do try it once for some time by my advice & I am sure you will definitely see the difference. Take a toner of your choice, I prefer using a cotton ball for applying toner on my skin instead of just spritzing it directly and letting it air dry. Because in the course of time I have noticed that when I use a cotton ball to apply toner it just grabs the dirt that lies on my skin which is actually not on the superficial layer so my facewash is just incapable of removing it and here toner does its job like a pro. Toner not only just removes the dirt but it also removes the left over makeup residue on the skin. It also helps in reducing acne, pimples & various other break outs. My favorite affordable toners – biotique toner, plum alcohol free toner

c) Moisturizing- Dry skin type people generally don’t skip this step as already their skin is dry but oily skin people have this myth that as their skin is already oily then why would they need a moisturizer but it’s not true. Moisturizing is important for all skin types, be it dry, normal or oily. Use a cream based moisturizer if you are a normal / dry skin type. If you are an oily skin type use a gel based moisturizer and you can also use Aloe Vera gel for moisturizing. Don’t just moisturize you face, moisturize your whole body including your hands, neck & legs.

d) Sunscreen- No matter what, just don’t skip this step. Not only in summers but in winters too. Sunscreen is a must. It not only protects us from sun damage & sun tan but also protects our DNA from getting damaged by the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun which could also cause skin cancer. Wear a sunscreen of spf40 or more if you live in countries like India. Use a gel based sunscreen if you are an oily skin type as most of the people complain that sunscreen often gives them white cast or they get oilier using it. I generally love the Lotus Herbals Safe Sun matte gel sunscreen. It is good for all skin types it is gel based and gets absorbed quickly also helps to mattify your skin & fills in the pores, if you are from the dry skin family wear it underneath a moisturizer. You will love it trust me. Buy it here

 Do comment down & share your experience with me. I would to hear from you all.

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See you in the next blog, till then stay healthy & stay fit.

Love you all.

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