No makeup-makeup look is a trend that is followed everywhere around the globe. These days, people want to look natural with their makeup on and pretend as if it’s their original skin. Most of us think that No Makeup-Makeup look is actually very complexed to achieve but our thinking is completely incorrect. You just need to know the right steps and you are good to go and will rock that No Makeup- Makeup look in a couple of minutes without any professional knowledge.

So, here is my version of No Makeup- Makeup look & I literally do this look on a daily basis. Do keep on reading. Here are the steps-


In a No Makeup- Makeup Look the base is not very heavy or layered up, it is as seamless as your real skin but a better version kind of look. For your base, take a BB or CC cream or even if you just want to hide your dark circles or problematic areas of your face, you can use a concealer just to hide the flaws of your face. After that set the whole face with a loose powder or compact according to your choice & availability.


Eyebrows are the defining feature of your face. It gives your face a dimension, no matter how groomed up your eyebrows are do fill in the gaps and give it a proper shape using an eyebrow pencil, powder or pomade whatever you like. Now see the difference in your look just by adding definition to your face.


Trust it or not but mascara makes your eyes talk and I seriously mean it. It would make your look awakened, brighter & bigger and would make a world of difference. For a no makeup- makeup look I personally love to use a mascara because it’s the minimal thing that you can do to your eyes to make them look naturally mesmerizing. Using a kohl or eyeliner will actually ruin the whole look as people will get to know that you have applied makeup but when using a mascara it would just enhance your eyes without anyone noticing it.


Who doesn’t loves that pink flush of colour on their cheeks? Everyone does. Blush makes your look very much presentable and adds a colour to your whole look without overpowering the other features of your face. Just add a pop of blush to your cheeks and blend it well to make it look subtle yet gorgeous.

Now, if you have excess face fat or double chin you can also do powder contour but that it totally optional.

Lip Tint

Don’t use a dark lip colour in a no makeup- makeup look. You can go for a nude lipstick, lip tint or a lip gloss which is as close as to your lip shade.

That’s it, these were all the steps you need to know & do for achieving that no makeup-makeup look.

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Till then stay healthy & stay fit.

Love you all.

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