How to choose the perfect foundation?

Foundation tends to change the overall look of a person. If chosen correctly, it would enhance your look & if not, it will spoil your look. A lot of people have asked me this question as to HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT FOUNDATION? Everyone has a different skin tone, type & requirements when it comes to base products. Even if two people have the closest skin shade the same product will not look equally good on both of them. So, you need to know How to Choose the perfect foundation that would make you look even better & you don’t end up spoiling your hard earned money.

Most people complain of facing issues like dry patches, foundation turning black, not giving them the desired coverage & tending to be over yellow or over pale for their skin shade.

In this post I am going to crack the solutions of all these issues which mostly everyone faces some time or the other in life in a very simple way.

I am going to share a few points which you should always keep in mind before buying any base product.

Find your perfect shade

People generally think that foundation is used to make them white or basically to lighten their skin tone but is absolutely incorrect. Foundation or base products are used to cover up the patchiness or imperfections of the skin. You could go for a shade lighter or darker but not more than that because doing so would end up in turning your foundation ashy or grey.

Before buying the foundation, always test them out in stores first. Stores these days have fancy lighting in which your skin would look flawless. So I would recommend you to visit a store ask them to make you test out the foundation choose the shade wisely, that is just very close to your skin tone. Apply it on your face and not on your hands because mostly people do this and end up buying the wrong shade as our hands & face have different skin tone & texture so it’s not a good idea to test a base product on your hand.

Now when you have applied the foundation on your face, go and see it outside the store probably in natural lighting & if possible wait for a couple of hours while wearing the foundation so you get to know how it would turn out after a few hours. And then you should select it.

Find your undertone

Most people don’t have an idea of what an undertone is, generally people think that either they are white, dark or of medium complexion. But these are just the basic category for diving your skin tone and undertone are further very important. You could be of medium to dark skin tone with maybe neutral undertone or yellow undertone it is the case with each complexion category. Find your undertone & keep that in mind before buying the foundation.

Now when you know your undertone ask for a shade that is closest to your skin tone & do consider your undertone with it. If you have a yellow under tone. Not considering your undertone will mess up the whole look & your foundation would end up looking ugly.

Choose according to your skin type

People complain of dry patches or foundation getting cakey. It’s all because we don’t choose foundation according to our skin type.

If you are from a dry skin family, then I would recommend you to not go for extremely matte foundation or if you are using it then prep your skin nicely & then add a few drops of facial oil to your foundation. This would give you a good skin texture while you have foundation on.

For oily skin people, try a water based foundation so it would balance the oil secretion.

Choose the amount of coverage

Everyone wants to look good but not at all times we can go for a super full coverage foundation. If you are wearing a foundation for day time & in natural lighting situation, then I would suggest you to go for a medium coverage one. And at night, go for a full coverage one. Because in the day time full coverage foundation tend to look a bit fake & I am sure we all want that our skin should look naturally flawless even with foundation on.

But if you have a great skin so you could go for a medium to sheer coverage whereas if your skin as more imperfections then go for a full coverage one. Or as you desire go for it. If you cannot decide what coverage you need then go for a medium to full coverage foundation it works both way.

These were some of my points which I consider while buying a foundation. Do let me know yours in the comment section below.

Hopefully this post helps you the next time when you buy a foundation.

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Love you all.

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