saying goodbye

Saying Goodbyes

Being in a long distance relationship since last 7years was quite good until the day came when he came to stay with her in her own city. He came from miles away, just for her & to make his future with her for a better tomorrow.

Things just changed, everything was now very happening, she got butterflies in her tummy by the thought of him being there with her whenever she needed.

They met each day, sometimes to spend some quality time and sometimes just to add that extra spark by looking at each other from a distance. So that, no one comes to know of their love affair.

It was just like a roller coaster ride for both of them, they met, they went out to have breakfast, lunch & dinner, they enjoyed the rides together, they felt the rain drenching them in love. Love that is eternal, love that is everlasting, love that is outrageous, love that is solace, and love that is their lives.

It just went on & on day by day, moment by moment. Sometimes it just ripped them apart & sometimes it just held them together, forever & ever.

Days passed by, they had a fear that one day he is going to leave. Leave to come back again & take her with him. Leave for a better tomorrow. They both had to bear the pain together and yet away from each other.

Finally, the day came he was going to leave. Back in their mind they both constantly thought that this was the time when everything is going to be the last. The last time they held their hands, the last time they laughed & cried together, the last time they looked into each other’s eyes. Everything was just going to end, end to come again & shower them with feelings and emotions, love and happiness.

He was leaving, leaving her behind. Everything was fading, the memories they made together, the times they had shared, they grew together, they loved together, they cried together, they fought together, they hated together but love just won.

It’s not the goodbyes that hurts, it’s the flashback that follows. He was going away from her at every single moment, she was just left behind crying. They both could not help it; it was the need of the hour. He cannot see her now every single day, he cannot irritate her whenever he needs, he now cannot tickle her, pull her hair, rub her cheeks, feel her touch.

She would just be left with memories, every path, every road, every place in the city, every building, every tree just reminded her of him & his presence.

He will not be there to stand by her side whenever she needs, now she will not just wait outside her coaching to drop him home. He will not be there to give her medicines when she will be unwell, he will not be there to take care of her, to make her feel that she is worth it. She is worth all the love & care she needs it.

But then they found solace by accepting it deep inside that one day everything will be alright, one day they won’t have to say goodbye. One day he will take her along. One day they will wake up and sleep together.

Many more emotions, many more feelings. It’s just not possible to jot it down. Emotions don’t need words to explain, they are felt by heart. It has happened with almost everyone who loves, love that is pure, love that is immortal, love that is endless.

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