Table Manners that enhance your overall personality

We all have been to many social events, gatherings, parties, marriages, functions and get together where we have noticed someone or other being mocked by majority of us. It’s just because of the table manners that one follows or in such cases people just don’t know anything like these before.

I am sure you all want to be remembered as someone with a handsome personality as these lil things are very crucial people don’t take them seriously but believe me I have noticed it a lot. When we go to such events we always remember such people as we say in Hindi “usko dekha hai kaise bhukkad ki tarah khane par toot pda” or “uski plate dekhi hai aisa lg rha h kabhi khana ni dekha usne”

Which simply means that have you seen their plates its seems like they have not had food since ages or they seem like a glutton. And what not you hear about them and these things are just define your personality and your overall appearance to the society. It leaves a really negative impression on others.

Here are some tips that you should use whenever you go out or even at home. It just enhances your personality in a better way.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

  • Wait for the food to come– Just not jump off your seat to see where the food is and just don’t keep on asking how much time it will take? Because it’s just so natural, when it’ll be prepared it will be presented to you asap as no one wants to make their food stale and stiff. Doing so will just make you look impatient. So avoid doing it.
  • Don’t just jump on to the food– as soon as the food is presented on the table don’t just jump onto it, ask others to start & I would suggest before serving it in your own plate, serve it others first. As it will not only leave a good impression but will also show that you care about others also.
  • Take small proportions– Don’t just serve in bulk, your food will not run away, it will stay there until you are full. Take small quantity of food at once & when it’s finished then take another portion. I don’t say to eat less than your appetite, it’s just that don’t let others know how much you eat or you have too much space in your tummy (you know what I mean). Just don’t overfill your plates as looks very untidy and irrespective behaviour.
  • Don’t make noise while chewing– You might have noticed someone or the other making a chewing sound & trust me it’s very annoying. It shows your etiquette’s and tells a lot about your personality. Avoid making that sound by chewing softly and slowly. It counts a lot guys.
  • Behave properly– Now you must be thinking how are your behaviour and eating habits related? But they are! Just being overfriendly and laughing like anything, doing such stupid actions while eating in public resembles who you are. So kindly avoid these kind of activities.
  • Don’t mess up the table– Some people have a habit of placing dishes, knives, forks, spoons, glasses, casseroles just beside them, so that they can get everything they need every single time. Believe me, it’s not one of those charming things you do to attract others. Doing so will only mess up the table and create problems for others.
  • Finish up your plate properly– Most of us do this very frequently. We take a good amount of food and just discard it later on as we do not need it. But it’s a wrong attitude. First of all, food is getting wasted & then it shows others that you are so irresponsible. Someone’s hard earned money is invested in making that food and you are simply trashing it away. Think about people who don’t even get food to meet their needs. So it’s a humble request to you all, take as much as you want & if you need more than just take it again. It’s no harm I guess!
  • Don’t just let your food spill everywhere– you must have done it a few times but no every time. But there are a few people who have a habit of spilling food on other’s clothes or even on their owns’. Their food just slips off everywhere on the floor, the table and outside their plates too. This just irritates others, makes everything untidy & even become a problem for others as you have dirtied their dress.

So from next time when you go to such events just make sure you follow these tips & be the nice one in the gathering.

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Love you all.

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