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Beauty Tips in 2020


When I was not much into skincare I never knew that Sheet Mask would make such a huge difference. Sheet masks are an integral part of Korean Skincare Routine. Before going out use a sheet mask for 15 minutes and it would instantly make your skin look glowing and that too without spending a lot of money. Using a sheet mask is one such beauty tip which every girl must follow to get that healthy glowing skin.

There are various types of sheet masks available in the market. There is sheet mask for dry skin, Korean sheet masks, sheet masks for open pores, sheet masks to remove tanning and the list goes on. I always use a sheet mask at least an hour before going out so that my skin is nice and hydrated and all the goodness is nicely absorbed into the skin. Sheet mask benefits are so many that one would just fall in love with these. Sheet mask for face gives the face a natural glow and also there are many other sheet masks which are available for neck, hands and feet. So, using a Sheet mask is my first Beauty Tips which I would highly suggest.


Blackheads are impurities which have been stuck into the pores of our skin, especially in the T-zone. How to Remove Blackheads is a very common question that has been asked to us. Though there are many blackheads remover and blackheads remover tools available in the market but I would suggest to go for natural remedies to remove blackheads rather than trying out fancy and expensive treatments. Remove Blackheads is my second Beauty Tips which actually makes a world of difference in our skin. Also removing blackheads would prevent our skin from breaking out.

Follow these steps to remove Blackheads –

  • Steam your face for 2-3 minutes so that the pores open up and becomes soft.
  • Take 1tbsp of honey add a pinch of turmeric and a tbsp. of milk. Combine these to form a blackhead remover paste. Apply this over your concerned area to remove blackheads.
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes or until dry then peel it off from the opposite direction.

Removing Blackheads is not an easy task as sometimes these blackheads are very stubborn. But do try this above method once or twice a week and you will definitely see a difference. Use this method to remove blackheads on nose which is a very common site for accumulation of blackheads.

Along with this follow other beauty tips to get a flawless skin.


Moisturizing is one beauty tip which I cannot live without. Using a moisturizer is my the most basic yet most important step of skincare routine. Moisturizing is not only meant for dry skin, but moisturizing for oily skin is also very important. By moisturizing your face and skin the makeup you apply afterwards also looks fresh and stays intact without looking patchy. There are various moisturizers available in the skincare market.

  • For dry skin, use cream based moisturizers. Moisturizers are a boon for dry skin. And I cannot live without moisturizers.
  • For oily skin, gel based moisturizers should be used. Gel based moisturizers get absorbed quickly into the skin. People generally have a feeling that oily skin doesn’t need moisturizers but it’s completely wrong. Oily skin people should use gel based moisturizers.
  • For normal skin, use cream or water based moisturizers.


Dark circle removal is also a very important aspect of Beauty Tips which cannot be neglected. Dark circles maybe caused due to many reasons ranging from physical, nutritional or maybe because of sleep deprival. Dark circles hamper our overall appearance, so to get rid of dark circles is a very important step.

Basically, there are two broad categories in which you can decrease the appearance of dark circles at home.

Firstly, use makeup to hide dark circles. Use an orange colour corrector for medium to dusky skin tone and fair skin tone people should go for peach toned colour corrector. Using a colour corrector beneath the foundation would instantly brighten up the skin and remove dark circle. This beauty tips would definitely help you out.

Secondly, try various under eye masks and eye creams but this would take a little longer to get rid of dark circles. Or simply take a used tea bag, put it in refrigerator and let it cool. Take it out and apply on your eyes. This would make your dark circles reduce in appearance and also make your eyes feel relaxed.

Do try this beauty tips for dark circle removal and let me know.


Tanning is a very common problem especially in India. Beauty Tips without how to remove tan is incomplete. Though there are many de-tan cream, scrubs and face packs available but I always reach out for the old school tan removal methods. These tan removal methods work efficiently and would not cost much as these ingredients are available in the kitchen.

Here are my few tan removal remedies which I follow religiously-

  • Curd and turmeric- mix 1tbsp of curd and a pinch of turmeric mix it well and apply on the desired area. Leave it for 15-20min and scrub it gently when half dried. This helps to remove tan efficiently.
  • Curd + turmeric + besan- this tan removal pack is my all-time favourite as it’s a scrub cum face pack. Mix all the ingredients in1:1:0.1 ratio and apply for 15 minutes. Then remove it by gently scrubbing it off. This method works great to remove tan instantly at home and makes the skin bright and glowing.

Along with these beauty tips to remove tan, there are many other which I will discuss in another post.

These were some BEAUTY TIPS IN 2020 which you should follow, if you have something more about it . Do share it in the comment section below.

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See you in the next blog till then, stay healthy & stay fit.

Love you all.

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