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Blue Heaven is an Indian drugstore brand which is known for its affordable products. It has a variety of decent product range. Blue Heaven Line & Design sketch eyeliner being one of the bestsellers by the brand is loved by many without a doubt. So do I, today I’m going to review Blue Heaven Sketch Eyeliner. It is a liquid eyeliner which comes in a sketch pen form making it convenient to use and store. which is smudge proof and water resistant. It is one of the most affordable sketch eyeliner in the Indian Market.

About Blue Heaven Sketch Eyeliner

It is a sketch pen form of liquid eyeliner which is intense black in colour. One of the most affordable and decent quality product. A new generation style of eyeliner which makes it easier to use and makes a firm grasp. For beginners, these kind of sketch eyeliners are very comfortable to use. Also the brand Blue Heaven has a great variety of products for you to explore.

Brand Claims

  • Smudge Proof
  • Water Resistance
  • Long Wear
  • Bold Stroke
  • Intense Black Colour
  • Quick Dry Application

Price of Blue Heaven Sketch Eyeliner

Retails for Inr.225 but is now on discounts for just Rs.150 which is $2 for 1 ml of product and its insanely affordable for the quality trust me. Has



Shelf Life- 3years


Blue heaven sketch eyeliner packaging

It comes in an outer Green packaging with all the details mentioned on it. The main product is in the shape of a sketch pen with glossy black casing. The size of the eyeliner pen is great which makes it comfortable to hold and carry. It has a felt tip which makes it very precise while applying.

The Tip

Tip of the Blue Heaven SKETCH eyeliner is good. Neither very narrow nor too broad. Its great for applying winged eyeliner.

Swatches of Blue Heaven Sketch Eyeliner

Blue heaven sketch eyeliner swatches

It has an intense black colour which is neither matte nor glossy somewhere in between which looks good.

My thoughts and Experience on this product

It’s an extremely affordable product. the packaging is nice, the pen shaped eyeliner is easy to hold and use. The tip of the sketch eyeliner makes it easy to apply both thin and thick eyeliners along with wing eyeliner. It is of dark intense black colour, not extremely matte but not glossy as well. I love the consistency of the product it’s a liquid liner but not runny at all. Dries up very quickly upon application and also doesn’t feel heavy on the lids. Stays for good 5-6 hours without smudging but if you have oily lids or the weather is humid then it might smudge. It’s not water proof but is water resistant. Very convenient to carry while travelling and the cap is not at all flimsy that it’ll open on its own.

For the price you cannot ask for more. If you are looking for an affordable sketch eyeliner then this is the one you should go for.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to hold and carry
  • Shelf life is good
  • Has a felt tip
  • Intense black colour
  • Staying power is good
  • Finish is nice
  • Doesn’t feel heavy on the lids
  • Dries quickly
  • Water resistant
  • Almost smudge proof
  • Can even stay for whole day long if you don’t rub your eyes


  • Has parabens (which I think is not actually a con because it’s a liquid base eyeliner and has water in it. So, to preseve it paraben is required. So please don’t read this as a con haha I hope you got my point)
*Patch test recommended. 

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    From your review this product looks pretty good and for beginner who are still learning this is really affordable and we can easily pratice with this ♥️
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