Upakarma Ayurveda Kesar & Rogan Badam Review

Upakarma Ayurveda Kesar & Badam Rogan Review

Upakarma Ayurveda is the fastest growing Ayurvedic Brand in India. The products are Toxin free, pure, safe & natural. These are cruelty free, not tested on animals and are vegan. No ingredient of animal origin which I like the most. Upakarma Ayurveda’s tagline is “Balance your life” which is something I resonate with as well. In this era of unhealthy and sedentary life, we definitely need to use such ayurvedic products to balance our lives and live a healthy life. These are premium quality ayurvedic products. The brand is ISO Certified company & the products are manufactured in GMP certified manufacturing units. I recently tried Upakarma Ayurveda Kesar & Rogan Badam Sweet Almond Oil and here are my thoughts on them.


  • 100% natural
  • Toxin free
  • Chemical free
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan

Upakarma Ayurveda Kesar (1gm)

Upakarma Ayurveda Kesar

Upakarma Ayurveda Kesar is a premium quality product which has the finest and long stigma. The fragrance of kesar is very mild and original. No toxin or fragrance is added to these.

upakarma ayurveda kesar

Benefits of Kesar


Kesar or Safran/Zafran is a

  • blood purifier
  • improves heart health
  • elevates mood
  • strengthens muscles & bones.

Packaging & Price of Upakarma Ayurveda Kesar

upakarma ayurveda kesar price

It comes in a very gorgeous packaging and has glass bottle with all the details mentioned. It retails for Rs.501 for 1 gm.


Crocus sativa (parts used style/stigma)

I absolutely like the fact that kesar is in the purest form and doesn’t have any preservatives or toxins. These are vegan, chemical free and cruelty free. You can use kesar in many forms, direct intake of 1-2 stigma once or twice a day. You can use it by adding in milk or desserts. It tastes amazing and helps in various health problems.

I would highly recommend the Upakarma Ayurveda Kesar.

Upakarma Ayurveda Rogan Badam Sweet Almond Oil

Upakarma Ayurveda Badam Rogan
Upakarma ayurveda Badam Rogan

Badam Rogan/ Sweet Almond Oil by Upakarma Ayurveda is an edible oil which extracted from edible almonds. It is pure and premium quality.

Benefits of Almond Oil

Rogan Badam has various benefits, some of them are-

  • Improves Brain Health
  • Strengthens the nervous system
  • softens & nourishes skin
  • for baby massages.

Packaging & Price

It retails for Rs.435 for 100 ml and has a shelf life of 2 years. The packaging is very sturdy glass bottle and comes with a dropper.

Ingredients of Upakarma Ayurveda Rogan Badam –

Prunus Amygdalus (parts used- oil)

Uses of Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil can be used to directly massage into scalp, as a nasal drop and for massaging body. It is very potent and should be used especially in winters.

Texture and Consistency

I like the consistency it’s neither very thick nor very flowy. It gets absorbed and makes the skin plump and gives a radiant glow to the skin when used at night.

Upakarma Rogan Badam is toxin free, cruelty free, vegan and natural. Upakarma aims to bring you 100% natural solutions to common ailments.

This oil can be used to massage your hair thoroughly and it makes hair very soft. The key benefits make me more attracted towards this. The USP of the brand makes it a class apart. I would highly recommend the products by Upakarma Ayurveda. 

You can buy these amazing products on the Upakarma Ayurveda official website www.upakarma.com

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